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Supply chain management without technical headache

When you put some of the most experienced business consultants with best of breed technical consultants, you get a platform that belongs to the most advanced logistics systems in the SAAS offering: RainbowChain™.

RainbowChain™ is a platform, not just an ERP. It’s the result of 120 man-years of experience serving the industry of producing, moving and selling goods.

RainbowChain™ does not only provide the most advanced ERP functionalities. It links them efficiently with document management and reporting tool as well as external services like OCR, freight forwarders, external accounting systems and webshops (Magento/Prestashop).


On the top of that, because you will probably need barcodes, RainbowChain™ is always delivered with mERP Warehouse™, the optimized mobile client for barcode scanners and android devices.

RainbowChain™ is all about processes in the Supply Chain

RainbowChain™ is all about the logistic processes within your company. All logistic processes consist of small elements that need to be put together. You know best the elements that are needed in your field. Our Enterprise Virtual Assembler (EVA) takes all these elements to produce the optimal system for you. This methodology allows the creation of your unique warehouse and supply chain platform within a few days.

mERP Warehouse™ a warehouse process accelerator

Most of the processes in the warehouse can be massively faster using barcodes. This is why you can now used any android device with a camera or a professional scanner1 to take advantage of the optimised warehouse processes. The application for android compatible scanners is designed to be quick, accurate and to allow an immediate communication with the central system.

Rainbowchain_Warehouse mobile_dashboard Rainbowchain_Warehouse mobile

“Unlimited” number of users

In many systems, you have to worry about the number of users, as you may suddenly have to pay more. As a customer, you shouldn’t worry about it. Up to 500 users2 are include in our subscriptions.

Why is RainbowChain™ different from other SAAS Logistic offering?

  • RainbowChain™ is the technical solution to make your life easier: In one package you get CRM, WMS, Mobile App, Barcode Scanner and Experienced Consultants. This way, you can focus on your core business.
  • The variant configurator allows to efficiently manage many characteristics without overloading the system with thousands of unused products. You can manage a high number of products variant without creating them. You can do a pricing based on a characteristic, you can do reporting about what variants are sold. And you only need to manage the characteristics and the characteristic values.
  • Advanced features like easy management of supplier/customer prices with upload of price lists, integration of quality management for purchasing and for production, stock planning and overview, least cost routing for transport optimization are basic features3 that available “out of the box”.
  • The platform is based on the best business software tools. We combined the market leaders in Logistics, ERP, WMS, Document Management and Business Analytics as the basis for our platform. You are not bound to one proprietary system and you can take advantage of the continuous improvement done by the most active communities.
  • The system is constantly improved: All packages include a certain number of hours that you can use monthly to enhance the system to better cover your needs. All enhancements, unless they contain business secrets4, are automatically feeded back to the community and to all RainbowChain™ installations. So, you will also have the benefits of all our customers’ enhancements.

1 Motorola MC series supporting androids are automatically supported
2 Looking for a system to support more than 500? Just call us.
3 Some functionality may be subject to separate pricing
4 Enhancements containing trade secrets are offered and invoiced separately

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